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    Parts are here - two quick questions

    Received my parts from OSE, going to fit them this weekend.

    Couple of questions - any precautions I should take drilling the plastic hole? Particular drill bit better suited than others for clean cuts?

    Iím going to install adjustable trim tabs, and noticed they include longer bolts with lock nuts, while the stock Spartan tabs use shorter bolts that donít protrude through the hole. They appear to be threading into plastic and obviously donít use a lock but.

    Would I be fine keeping it this way, or drilling through the rear of the hole to use supplied longer bolts and lock nuts?

    Seems that would require sealing if going that route...

    Beyond that, everything else seems pretty straight forward!

    Should be fun!

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    I seen that too. What I'm going to do is either use the stock screws or shorten the new hardware to that of the stock screws. I'm definitely not going to drill and use the nuts.
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    I know this is a little late but if you shine a flashlight at the bottom of the transom you can see where to mount the inner trim tabs.

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