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    ERBL radio malfunctioning


    I stored the radio to my ERBL in a cold storage this winter and now I'm worried it's broken...

    I tried pairing my erbl with a friends radio instead and it worked.

    The errors I get on my radio is that the car gives me the red light (equals low voltage on transmitter?) - even if I have fresh batteries. And - when trying to pair the transmitter with mobile app via bluetooth - the blue light is there on the transmitter but it can't be found by my phone. I've tried restarting phone/BT but no change so I suspect it's related to the other issue.

    So - is there anything I should try out/is there a chance to repair - or do I have to buy me a new transmitter? (Which obviously is quite expensive..!)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Check this web site out they have lots in their inventory and if you can afford it grab one with the receiver because it's always nice to have spares. Contact Traxxas and see if they can reflash your transmitter and if so you'll have backup for times like this. Here's a couple of options.

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