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    Any UDR's on the SF Peninsula?

    Just got a UDR, actually my first RC since I was a kid. I got it for cheap from a friend and have been having lots of fun with it! I am also into DH mtn biking, so I have been bringing it to the different spots that I know in the SF Peninsula for that, and it has been a blast! Just knocked loose the motor and knocked some teeth off of the center differential gear though. None of the local Hobby Shops had the part so I am waiting on it from the WWW.

    Cheers though, just wondering if you guys ever meet up around here. Above Carlmont High is one of my favorite spots so far. Motorcycle hill in Redwood City is alot of fun too. The UDR kicks ***** at hill climbs! Soo fun.

    Hit me up if you want to meet up at one of these spots. Cheers

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    I'm on the other side of the country, but I do own and love my UDR.

    Interesting that you mentioned knocking your motor loose. Mine had a weird growl to it right out of the box, like gears grinding. I continued to run it for a couple of months just thinking that it might just be how the truck sounds (even though it bothered me every time!). Finally I lost a spur gear, and I checked the motor mounts and found both screws loose. After I tightened them the truck sounds phenomenally better. Weird that it would come from the factory loose but I have every reason to believe that it did.
    The truck is super awesome to drive.

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