Just picked one up and was ready to go through the **** of setting it up. Well here I am after about 2 3 hour sessions of hellish mayhem and confusion.

I have the Bluetooth Module and TQi controller. I have bound the controller ... I have linked up everything and only got all six lasers to show on the diagnostic screen.

Can somebody please just give me a step by step to setup with the bluetooth & Controller - I have bound everything together but when I hit start race - I get the diagnostic screen with an X over the ramp and no red lines at the finish. Even though I tested the four and they all chimed in.

Can somebody please give me a step by step on just using it without the bluetooth so at least we can race and see who is the winner at least?

There will be a PayPal reward for the guy who helps me - just 10$ PayPal but I have to get this working tonight.