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    How do I reverse the steering direction on only one the two steering servo ?


    On my Traxxas Summit, one steering servo died recently.
    I replaced it with a hitech servo and kept the stock servo on the other side.
    Here comes the problem : the hitech servo has a reversed steering direction compared to the stock Traxxas servo
    So I need to reverse the steering direction of only one of the two servo. But I only know how to reverse the steering direction of the two servo, which does not solve the problem.

    Can someone please help me ?
    Thanks in advance, Alex

    PS : my summit and receiver are stock.

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    You are asking for trouble by mixing servos. There is very little chance that they truly have the same specs, so IMO they cannot help but fight each other.

    But to answer the question, a servo programmer would be able to reverse the rotation of some Hitec servos.

    An example is below:

    Since you did not list the servo model in your post, I cannot tell you if a programmer would work for you.

    Money better spent would have been for a single, stronger-than-stock servo.
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    ^+1. He beat me to it. Single steering servo conversion or just stick with buying another stock servo if you're on a budget and just want to get running again.
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