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    My ERBEv1 conversion to ERBEv2.

    My wife got my brushless erevo for me (I asked for it) as a Christmas gift in 2016. This was going to be my first non-micro electric vehicle and I figured that since I had 2 nitro revos, may as well stick with the theme and go with a brushless revo.

    I had her include the ez-peak plus duo charger and a pair of the 3S 5000mah lipos. She ordered it in November and by the time Christmas came around, I had read a lot about it and surmised that starting with 6S in it may not be the smartest move. So before Christmas, I had ordered a couple 2S packs to use instead.

    I ran it on 4S the entire time I had it. I had the punch dialed way down, made sure to never land on throttle and gently accelerate to avoid damaging the axles. Even driving like that, I was changing out all the slider axles at least twice a year, some times 3 times. They would stretch at the ears and eventually break.

    Then I got a couple other 6S capable RC's, ran those on 4S as well for a year. Then recently, I decided to try 6S in them... I was hooked. Then to have the fewest types of packs on hand, I decided now that the 2.0 was out, it was time to upgrade.

    I wanted to keep some of the parts (regardless how stupid that was) so I could still say I had the truck my wife got me. I got a roller off ebay that needed a bit of TLC and transplanted my electronics, wheels/body/body mounts, shocks, springs, rockers, front/rear TBR bumpers/skids/wheelie bar (required modifying) and a few other things.

    In an effort to keep the body lasting longer, I made a very crude "roll bar" with foam on it to support the roof of the cab. It really has helped, but looks hideous.

    This was with the old body right after I transplanted parts from my v1:

    I had a new body on the shelf and I threw that on after changing from 14/54 to 15/54 gearing:

    The goofy roll bar:

    I'm not a huge fan of the 3.3 tmaxx tires I had on it. They feel like they are too light and are really limiting my control in the air. I have a set of trencher 3.8's, but when I ran those on my v1, I busted sliders frequently and snapped shock ends. So, I was trying to find a happy medium with something that was a bit lighter and maybe not quite as tall. I failed... ordered a set of MT4 G3 tires/wheels to put on it, which have splined hex's. It wasn't until I tried installing them that I realized they were not splined the same as traxxas. After an hour with an exacto shaving down the indent part of the hex's on the wheels, I got them to fit. I also wrapped them with kevlar line to avoid having them blow apart when at WOT in the air for flips and whatever:

    They are lighter than the trenchers, only about 1oz, trencher 3.8's are 13.65oz and the MT4 G3 are 12.5oz. Unfortunately, they really aren't any shorter, but they are a bit narrower. I put my push rods back in the middle hole as I had moved them to the tallest hole. Hoping the middle hole is enough as the chassis does bottom out before the shocks do.

    Currently running the following:
    Traxxas MXL-6S/2200kv 15/54 gearing
    Hard Anno'd/TiNi shocks with VDK #2, 60wt and RC Raven dual rate springs
    Integy P2 rockers
    Homemade rear shock limiters made out of covered steel cable
    JX Servo DC-5821LV servo
    Spektrum DX5C radio
    Yeah Racing fan in the castle motor fan holder
    T-Bone front/rear skid with wheelie bar
    V1 body mounts
    V1 body
    Traxxas rear alloy chassis brace (removed the v2 stock one)

    I run the following lipo's in it:
    Hobbystar 6200mah 50C 3S
    HRB 5000mah 50C 3S

    I think I can move over my alloy steering support (the part the servo saver/pivot bolt threads into), but I haven't yet. I know I can't swap over my RPM True track rear and RPM front arms/carriers. I have the same on my nitro revo's, so the ones from my v1 will just be a backup set.

    It's a work in progress. With the Tmaxx 3.3 tires, I could not pull off a flip hardly on any jump. I'm not sure if it's due to the gearing, the wheels/tires or the fact that the rear pillow balls are in the longest wheelbase holes.

    So far, it has held up really well. I broke one axle carrier that I'm 99% sure was already broken when I got it. The piece of plastic that was missing holding the pillow ball in looked dirty 5 minutes into my first run when it popped out. I've run it pretty hard at my local skate park and at a public grass bmx track I drive an hour to bash at. I push it way harder than I ever did when it was a v1 and it just keeps going.

    I intend on taking it out today, if I wake up, to try out the new tires without messing with the gearing. I also intend on taking one of my nitro revo's with me.

    My last bash at my local skate park:
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