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    Testing motor/esc

    I noticed my batteries weren't running my Slash very long and though they were just old (I only run 2s). They're 2.5 years or so and I'm bad about maintenance on them so it is definitely plausible.

    This weekend I ran one and after about 10 mins the battery died so I bought it in checked temps and the motor was 160+, esc was much cooler - is there a way to test the esc to make sure it is putting out the right power? I then figured it wasn't the battery but the motor night be messed up especially since i noticed that two of the wires from the esc to motor had the colored heat shrink melted where the bullet connectors are. Decided I'd just swap motors to see. One of the connectors would not come apart so I headed home to work on it. The bullet connector ended up breaking on the esc side (haven't been able locate replacement female connectors yet) so I had to swap both motor and esc, no biggie. But my cousin looked at the motor and spun the gear and it just spun freely. I didn't spin and stop like when the magnets would jump to the next winding (I don't even know if I am explaining this correctly). So, long story to a quick question: Can a motor be rebuilt? If not, what would be a good replacement that will not break the bank and work with my esc? Lastly, if the Traxxas motor is the one to stick with, which 3351 would I choose (my speed control has Yellow, Blue, White on the bullet connectors without the capacators, I think it's the TRA3355X)?

    Hope that wasn't too painful to read and thanks in advance for the help!
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