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    Sloppy steering/wheel play

    Can anyone provide some information on what the problem can be?

    My MERV has sloppy steering and play in the tires, when the car is driving slow or fast, it will start driving the the left. While playing with the steering knob on the controller it has to be all the one to the right for it to stay straight. When not driving the tires can be turn all the one in one direction by hand before the servo even makes noise.(I know this is bad for the servo)

    Can someone provide some information on what it can be.

    Thanks in advance

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    Servo saver may be taking up the force when manually turning wheels.

    Can check your pillow balls and other linkages to make sure nothing out of whack.

    I found going to rpm axel carrier helped get some of the sloop out of the wheels.

    Still is some sloop in mine but just due to linkages and so on and how they are.

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