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    Radio and servo issues

    Long story short, I have a much older Rustler, ( this era/generation ) and up until last year, was still working without issue. I moved a few months ago, and I've finally had time to sit down and try to get it working. However, I've come across an issue that I'm really stuck on.

    The main thing is that the radio does not seem to want to sync to the receiver any more, or at least it's not controlling the servo's. I first swapped the batteries to make sure it wasn't something simple, but to no avail. This is with the old TQ receiver with a crystal, as seen above in that example picture.

    I then talked to one of my friends, and he had a newer TQi remote and receiver laying around, so I bought it from him for cheap, but even after syncing it, it seems to lose connection - either flashes red, or solid - it's never consistent.

    I talked to a local hobby shop for a little this past weekend, and they mentioned two things - one low quality AA batteries, and two, if the end of the TQi receiver cable is bent/kinked, it's shot. I had only bought Target branded AA's, since I needed so many for the older remote, but I did buy some Duracell's to make sure it wasn't that. I did read somewhere that it could be the servo's pulling power if they're faulty, but wanted to get any insight. I was also wondering if the TQi receiver was expecting more/different power than the 4 AA's from the pack on the rear of the truck.

    Any advice/troubleshooting/input is appreciated!
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    If you didn't change any servos the power draw would be the same as before. Check the on/off switch, I have had them get dirty and act funny. Wiggle the switch and see if the power shuts off momentarily. If the antennae was bad you would lose range.
    In this thread absolutely-HORRIBLE-range there is a picture of what the antennae should look like.

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