Last year October I bought Louise MT Pioneer (comparable to Duratrax Lockup) for my Stampede 4x4.
I like them, they worked really great and they are affordable.

What I did notice from the beginning was that
- the tire wasn't really fully filled with foam. Especially on the sides of the tires (sidewall) there no that much support from the foam.
- they balloon, even on 2S (i have a 3200kv motor and even on 2S it can go fast).

This week I noticed that the foam in one of the tires is almost gone. The rubber is quite soft (also on the other tires) and the wheel tends to wobble. Leaving me with a flat tire.

Is this normal wear ?
What could have caused the disintegration of the foam and the weakening of the rubber ?
What can I do to prevent this ?

I never ran the tires in wet conditions and al my cars are stored with the wheels off the ground.
The tires were not vented the vent holes in the wheels were open.