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    ESC replacement for Traxxas 3355X (VLX-3S)


    I have 2 Traxxas 4x4 and one of them is not working.

    Symptoms :
    - FWD is erratic
    - BRK somehow work
    - REV not working.

    I have done the calibration.
    I have set it to the proper mode (either SPORT or TRAINING).
    I have switch the ESC from one Traxxas to another and the symptoms follow the ESC.

    Conclusion : ESC is dead.

    So I want to replace it.

    I am trying to find some 3355X (in canada) but they are kind of hard to find or really expensive.
    I did however found the 3355S at a reasonable price.

    Are the 3355X and 3355S compatible?
    Can I simply swap a 3355X with a 3355S and bingo?

    I have looked at other threads mentioning the differences, but at some points the discussion drifted to 4-poles motor.

    So my question is :
    Is the 3355S a direct fit for the 3355S?
    If so, I would simply get the 3355S and be done with it.


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    Welcome to the forum and the addiction! You are among a group of people who share the love of the Traxxas Slash 4x4! If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Remember we are here to help!

    Tra3355r should be a direct replacement. It will run two and four pole motors.
    Member of the 10,000 + posts club! Here to help!

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