Hello everyone,
I am new to this forum. At least new when posting. I have read plenty of pages so far in here and learned a lot from this forum.

I am fairly new to RC (1 year) but it definitely hooked me Don't have too much time, but trying to spare as much for my new hobby.
I have summit 1/16, bashing in the garden mainly and recently jumping. It's a brushed version, which is getting little hot, and i can't do back flips - not enough power.
Therefore I am thinking about going brushless. There are plenty of articles on Merv, and brushless motor combinations, but my approach to going brushless is to play and learn, rather than use existing solutions. I am not building super reliable and super fast car, but want to try solutions, learn from it while not spending plenty of money.
My goal wold be to make my summit faster, produce less heat (so i don't have to interrupt bashing), and possibly be able to do backflips. What I am also trying to achieve is to stay with my 2S lipo baterries (2200mAg Genc Ace), which i like and fits nicely to my car.
I was looking at the following ESC
and motor:
https://*********.com/en_us/********...-motor.html*(I would probably need different ESC for it)

There are higher KV motors, but are currently unavailable

I have read tons of information on Kv, gearing, etc, and it seems to me that 3200Kv x 7.4volts will give me 23600 RPM ( or is it actually 3200Kv x 8.4volts = 26880?). Do you think I could stay on the same gear I have now with brushed version, or even go up to make it even faster? Would the 3200Kv has more or less torque than my brushed Titan 12turn?
There are no official specs on Titan 12. I've googled three different values 14600, 19000-20000 and 22-23000RPM @ 7.2v. So depending on the real RPM of my current truck the 3200Kv could be little faster (agains 22-23K RPM) or much faster (agains 14K RPM) on the same gear ratio.

Any suggestions if any of the above combinations will give me the results I am looking for? ESC and engine are fairly cheap, but I don't want to completely waste my money.