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Thread: C I foams

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    C I foams

    what size C I foams do i need for the trx-4 stock tires.

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    Depends on what kind of driving you do. If you crawl, the Lil Nova two-stage comp cut foams are great. For my Defender with stock tires (+ Duratrax Scaler's) and beadlock wheels, I use the 4.75" size with firm outer foams (my D110 weighs 10 pounds). I tried the 4.5" foams, but I found them a little on the soft side since the closed cell inner foam is smaller than on the 4.75's. If your rig is considerably lighter, the 4.5's with medium foams on the front and firm on the rear could be just right.
    It's basically just one thing to do: Try them out and see what's best for your kind of driving.

    For trailing, I use the CI Deuce's Wild single stage XL foams (CWR-3005). They could have been a couple of mm taller to completely fill the tire, but is doesn't seem to matter on the performance.

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