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    Lipo battery connector

    What traxxas battery connector will I have on my rustler vxl? I see on the SMC site the options are traxxas style first generation or there are others like the t-style? Is there more than one generation of style connectors?

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    There are the current ID connectors, and the 1st gen connectors, which are entirely cross-compatible, so you want the truth connectors.

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    I HIGHLY recommend SMC batteries. The thing you'll need to remember about any non-Traxxas battery is the balance leads are separate. With the Traxxas 2nd-Gen ID connector, the charging AND balancing leads are all contained within the connector...but, work anything else, the charging leads get plugged into the charging port, and the balance leads need to be plugged into the balance board. If you have a Traxxas ID charger, the balance board port is covered by a small removable piece of plastic.
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