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    Question Novice question on Diff grease quantity

    Hello. Just purchase my very first RC, a TRX4 kit. I expect this question has been asked many time before but here goes. The build manual say to apply a ‘drop of grease’ to the gears on both transmission and diff. I don’t know what a ‘drop of grease’ represents. What I have read elsewhere is that some say to pack the area with grease and some to just apply a smear to each gear. There is a big difference between these to answers. Is there a consensus on hat is correct. Also, nobody seems to be using the supplied grease in the kit. Is it better to use automotive grease than the supplied Traxxas grease? I’m sure this will be the first of many questions as I progress with the build so any help at the start would be grateful. By the way I intend on putting a fully accessorised Defender body on the chassis. The build is of more interest to me than the running of my crawler as there doesn’t appear to be any crawler groups in the area of Mandurah, Western Australia where I live.

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    I think both the amount of grease and the type are individual preference. I use marine grease for all repacking of the bearings in the wheels and have just recently decided to try red & tacky for the ring & pinion in the diff's. I use it quite liberally on the ring gear in the diff's with no issues and if you search you tube you'll see everyone has an opinion and you just have decide if your running in wet climate crawling (streams ,creeks) try marine or red & tacky both are excellent choices. Good luck with the build.

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    It also depends on the environment that you run in. If are just trail running, and only see occasional water/mud, then I'd recommend going with just a little bit of grease. I grease of choice is AE Black Grease, I just put a bead down the middle of the gears; this stuff coats well, stays on the gears, but removes easily when doing maintenance/repairs. But, if you are running in water or mud, then I'd recommend marine grease, and a good amount of it. I don't like using marine grease because it smells bad, gets everywhere, and is a pain to get off when doing maintenance; however, I only occasionally run my trucks through water.
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