X4 Sport Kit built by me around 5 months ago. No problems during the build or to date.

Problem: When turning the wheels full lock either left or right on an otherwise stock X4 there is a bit of what some people call steering scrub. At full lock and while moving, it feels like there is some binding and then releasing taking place in the front axle. It's worse as speed increases. Otherwise no problems with the drivetrain, servo, esc, tires, wheels, hubs, axles, shocks, etc.

I've heard others complain about the same issue. The steering endpoints are no where near maxed out and there is no binding that can be found anywhere in the drivetrain. At full lock there is clearance between the portal cover and the steering yoke. CV's are good. Lubrication is good and assembly has been verified over and over. I'm pretty skilled mechanically so I'd like to think that if it's a noticable problem that I would have found it by now after several hundred hours of crawling with my X4. Also, it has done this since the very start after I built it.

Is this perhaps a portal axle geometry thing, a portal axle CV joint geometry thing, or something particular to the X4?

BTW: Searched back to 2017 and found nothing.