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    New Traxxas REVO/ T-MAXX "petition"

    I have wanted a Traxxas revo for about 5 years now... I finally got one... But I feel it is about time Traxxas came out with a new revo and tmaxx. The following are my thoughts on what it should be/have.

    * Gasoline .28 (4.5) big block
    -optimally it would still use a glow plug. If you don't think it's possible to use a glow plug with a gasoline engine look up the NV gx40bb, the OS ggt15, and the g5 gas glow plug. The reason for the glow plug is that the fastest CDI ignition systems can't handle anything faster than 35k rpm... The mid to top end of the engines power band.
    - The best carb it should use is a diaphragm carb. With the diaphragm carb it should hold its tune for months and be easy to tune.
    - This big block needs a tuned pipe. Adds efficiency and more power
    - If built right this engine should have around 2.5-3hp... Twice that of the trx 3.3

    * 60+ mph top speed
    - If we have twice the power why can't we have an extra 15mph?

    * Remote starting
    - This is just a fun thought. It would add extra weight. But it would be nice to have.I
    - The built in glow driver could also help the engine on cold days by staying permanently on.

    * 1:8 scale drive-train
    -I have heard that some revo and tmaxx owners have problems with their drive-train. I feel like such a truck should have a much stronger drive-train if it also has a .28 engine.

    *bigger tires, stance, everything!
    -I believe Traxxas should do everything to the tmaxx and revo that they did to the E-revo 2.0. We want bigger Tallon EXT tires, bigger wheel base, stronger drive train, and a second chassis extension.

    * Transmission that keeps reverse
    - I need my reverse

    I believe we need a new revo and tmaxx with all the above specs and mods. If you want to see Traxxas make one please post and say you want one, tell your friends, and have them post. If you have any other ideas for a revo or tmaxx please post them as well.
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