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Thread: Gds parts

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    Gds parts

    To anyone that has used GDS aluminum parts on the xmaxx, how do you feel about the quality? I'm interested in upgrading some parts and was wondering how they compare to hot racing and integy.

    I've tried gds spur gears and they are currently my favorite. I've used couple hot racing parts and they seem nice but also the most expensive and dont come in silver.(I like the silver looks)

    Please shine in your thoughts and experience. Thanks

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    Ive got a few parts and they seem pretty good, however the 'red' isn't a close colour match with my Traxxas Red shocks for example.

    My Steering Brace almost appears to be 'matte' red as opposed to shiny.

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    I have the steering brace, bell crank, rear gear cover, spur, spring perches, and threaded spring adjusters. Love their stuff

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