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    Motor / ESC compatibility question

    I blew the ESC on my Stampede 4x4, and almost immediately after I was at a hobby "swap meet" and a guy had a Tazer combo esc/motor that was too cheap to pass on, even though it wasn't what I would have originally picked. New in the wrapper.

    It is a 6 pole motor/esc combo.

    Welp, the motor is toast.

    Is the 4 pole VXL3 motor compatible with the 6 pole Tazer ESC?

    Will I burn the house down trying it?

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    Looks like there are a couple of the 45a esc. I'm not sure that's capable enough to run a 4x4 stampede.

    The DYN4940 is offered as part of a combo with both 4 pole and 6 pole motors.

    I didn't see the other, DYNS2400, with any 4 pole combo's or vehicles with 4 pole motors. Everything it was listed with had a 6 pole motor.
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