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    How more durable is the summit body vs e maxx body?


    I have a emaxx brushless and i want to ask the summit brushless owners how durable the body is, do the roll cage outside the body help to keep it last longer?
    If you have or have owned an emaxx you know how weak the body is...
    Flipping to the roof in 50mph make a new body slide so it becomes holes in the side of the roof even if the body is Brand new, and the rear part gets broken pretty quick too if one land on it..
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    The exo cage will help, but 50 mph slides are hard on any material.
    The cage is pretty durable,plus I believe you can buy just the cage separately so if they get broken or sanded down you may not have to get a body as well, every time something wears out so to speak.

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    I've had my stock Summit body with the original exo cage for...ten years now I think. The only thing I've had to replace is the rear top brace on the exocage where the body posts poke through. That is definitely the weak spot of the body/cage assembly. But I also realized recently that if you drill the holes all the way through where the 4 small M3 screws hold the brace onto the sides of the exo cage, you can thread a longer button head M3 screw all the way through the other side of the brace which makes it WAAAAY stronger. I just pulled the brace off and hand drilled it with a #35 drill. That way the screw will actually grab into the material. Worked like a charm.
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