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    LiPo Battery balance lead

    I have a 2s Traxxas LiPo and after an accident I managed to clip my balance lead. Unable to solder the two wires together. The whole balance lead will need replaced. Is this possible? Or is my battery done for?

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    It's possible if your careful and have gorrilla tape to put it back together. A bit easier if it's a soft pack. Odds are though, you will need at least a 60W iron as the solder they use is high temp stuff and there's typically a lot of it, or it's on the battery tab which is pretty wide.

    I've repaired a few for a friend of mine after he ripped them off. I've built a few 3S packs out of old 2S packs as well. I used a 100W iron for that with it on an adjustable switch that allowed me to crank it up around 80W. That made short work of the solder.

    For me, the hard case packs were harder to work with because the halves are melted together. There are probably a few ways to take them apart, but I used a dremel with a thin cutting wheel and walked around the seam very carefully.

    On the packs I repaired for my friend, they were soft packs, so I just cut the label/tape that was wrapped around one end, cleaned the dirt out of the connection area, kept the electronic film that was wrapped around stuff to insulate it, stripped/resoldered the balance tap back on, then put the film back as best I could, then wrapped it with gorilla tape. It let him get another years worth of use out of them.

    Just to give you an idea of what you might see once you peal back the layers, this is one of the 3S ones I made out of a couple 2S packs (I made 2 of them out of 3 2S packs):
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