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    Repurposed Body Brace Makes and Outstanding Body Saver!

    I’ve been searching for an outer body saver like the ERevo 2.0 has, but no-one really makes anything to protect the roof of the truck from road rash when the XMAXX front flips or lands on it’s lid.

    So I ordered Traxxas Part number 7713 and repurposed it!!!! I also ordered Traxxas 2557 (3x30mm cap head screws) to mount this to the original inner bracing.

    *First I had to drill open two holes in the hood almost 1”.
    *In order to get the arms into the drilled openings, I had to Dremel off the two square tabs on the front two arms which go in the interior mount and screw onto the inner body support.
    *When mounting the new repurposed “Body Saver” to the original back exterior brace I notice the rear arms come up slightly short. In order to get the back arms to mount to original brace, I needed to sandwich the aluminum body saver washers that came on the truck between the two brace arms. This will allow you to get enough of an angle to attach with the 30mm screws.

    I haven’t run her yet, so I don’t know how durable this set up is, but will keep everyone posted!

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