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    Suddenly bad brakes

    Car: E-revo 1 1/10 brushless, Mamba monster 2 esc ( changed by previous owner). Radio TQ 2239

    I bouhgt the car used, second time I used it began.

    The brakes almost disappeared, before I could do frontflips with the brakes. Now it just brakes very softley.

    I have recalibrated the esc, with no success.
    Tried to set the brakes with the menu & set button, no diffrence.
    Tried another radio & reciver, no diffrence.

    Can you program the esc?
    Can you reset the esc?
    Thankful for suggestions.

    Thank you/ Kalle

    I apologize if my english isnīt the best, im Swedish.

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    Found a good video on youtube how to calibrate the esc.
    Only problem is that I can only accept (forward)while programing, when I push reverse nothing hapends...

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    Do you have the Castle link that hooks up to your computer to set all of the paramiters and updates, if not check with a buddy or your lhs they probably have a link and will do it for you. Well worth the cost and handy to have.

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