I have a new E-Revo VXL Brushless RC. I blew out a servo within 4 days. I decided to change it to a single 2255 Heavy Duty servo, single servo setup. I purchased the following components based on the Traxxas webpage.

1. Traxxas 5344X HD servo saver
3. Traxxas 2255 servo - high torque - your page said the BEC was needed, listed below.
4. Traxxas 2262 High Output Battery Eliminator Circuit - BEC. Is this needed, the parts don't seem to fit the Revo? If a BEC is needed on the Revo with this servo. Install directions are for a much different car.
5. Traxxas 8247 Metal Servo Horn

Does this list look correct? Is the BEC needed, is this the correct one? Has anyone else set their car up like this?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Scott