Just got my TRX4 Blazer and have quite a few noob questions. (still learning).

So, I put the LED light kit on it (for headlights/tail lights). Love it, but hate that its always on if you plug it in. Also thinking about adding the rock light kit.

Disappointed that you can't control it with the link application. At least as far as I've been able to determine. Can anyone confirm?

I also want to add a police style light bar to the top (found one on amazon). Assuming you can't control the light kit, or anything else like it via link (pretty sure on that), I've come up with the following...

I'm thinking about adding a couple 1:2 y-adapters and moving the locker controls to the low range on the trans. I only use lockers in low range, and have no beef with not being able to unlock in low speed. Any issues anyone can see with this? Am I wrong in the straight forwardness of just using 2 Y-adapters and connecting the servos to the channel 3 for the transmission on the receiver? Does anyone know if the straight plug in would give me lockers on in low, or would it be reversed? If its reversed, any thoughts on how to fix?

Next questions, assuming I can successfully do the above, that then frees up channels 4 and 5 from the lockers for other stuff. I'm thinking for channel 4, find a TX controlled relay switch, then plug the Traxxas power distribution box for the LED light kit into that. In theory, that means when I flip the switch for the front locker (turning on channel 4), it would turn on the headlights (via the power distribution box). Turn the switch back, headlights off. Is that correct? Anyone have any suggestions on a suitable TX controlled relay switch that would work for that?

Then, for channel 5, use the receiver port for my amazon police light bar. It appears to take power from the receiver, and use the signal to switch between "modes". Assuming that works as expected, then when I flip the old locker switch from front locked to all locked, it would signal a switch of modes, where i could then turn on the light bar, turn it off, or switch modes by flipping it back and forth between those positions. Correct? Also, any issues pulling power for a little LED police bar from the receiver?

Last question, although I could make it work via the toggle switch, and probably would for a while, does anyone know if its possible to open up the TQi transmitter and replace the toggle switch with two momentary buttons or two on/off toggle switches, effectively separating channel 4 completely from channel 5? Thus I could control the police light bar and relay for LED lights independently?

I know, lots of questions, but still learning! Thank you in advance!