This is my fist post on this forum, but I have a Stampede 4x4 VXL that I've upgraded pretty heavily (MIP heavy duty CVD, 17mm hex wheel conversion, aluminum suspension arms, casters etc...).

I upgraded the motor and ESC to the Castle Creations 1512-2650kv motor and Momba Monster 2 ESC, and bought a few 5mm pinion gears but they were all 1.0 metric pitch, not the 0.8 (32P) that comes on the stampede by default. So I got a mod1 1.0 metric pitch spur gear, but it was only 40T, not the 54 that's standard.

So it seems like I either need to a get 5mm shaft/bore 32P (0.8 metric pitch) pinion gear to match the 54T spur gear, or use the 40T 1.0 pitch spur gear with the 5mm 1.0 pinion gears my hobby shop has. I'm running 3S now, but will be upgrading to 4S soon. I mainly bash off road, but also on road and was happy with the original 11/54 that it came with, so curious what I should run now and if there's a benifit/trade off regarding the 32P/0.8 vs 1.0 metric pitch gears