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Thread: Teton upgrades

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    Question Teton upgrades

    Looking to put some upgrades on my Teton. I put a 2 cell 7.4V lipo battery in it and bought a Hitec RDX1 charger. This is my first R/C car and I plan on keeping it when I upgrade to a better machine so Id like to mod it out. What do you guys recommend for a brushless motor and other aftermarket parts to go with it?

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    Greetings, I've had the Teton for a few months now. I installed the GoolRC 2435 4800K set up (around 30$ on Amazon)... Comes with an esc and brushless motor. It's decent... big improvement over the stock setupand drops right in with no mods needed. Also, I recommend upgrading the plastic drive shafts to metal, I'm running the Hot Racing ones. As far as gearing goes, I'm currently running a 60t spur and 16t pinion... this little guy zips around and runs for while with a 2s 50c 2000mah lipo pack.

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