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    Diff cup and diff housing oil/grease type?

    Iím installing XO-1 diffs into my monster slash. Running a 2650 in it. What type of grease or oil should I put in the diff cups and the diff housing?

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    For the ring and pinion I just use Marine Grease. As for the inside of the diff, you can use whatever weight oil suits your driving style. I prefer 100k in the rear and 60k in the front for bashing.

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    I have always used the stock weight diff fluid inside the diff and never had problems or the desire to go thicker.

    For the Ring and Pinion i have used as mentioned above, Marine grease which will help repel water if you plan on getting it wet.

    Recently i have been running Lucas oils "Red n tacky" since i do not get my truck wet.
    "Red n Tacky" Link below:

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    I did the same XO-1 conversion on one of my Rusty 4x4s (plus I plan to convert my Slash 4x4, and my other Rusty 4x4). I used 15K & 10K...but, I'm using them for racing, not bashing.

    Consider what you're using the vehicle for in order to help determine what weight diff fluids to use. To give an example of what I mean, two of my vehicles (currently have 6) use only 5K...although, I should mention that all vehicles are for racing.
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    Its all trial and error. I Used to run the stock 30,000 weight in the front and 100,000 in the front. I still run the stock weight in the front. I now run 500,000 in the rear.
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    My basher rig has 10K front and 100K rear.
    My street rig has 80K front and 200K rear.

    Housings in both rigs have Peak's high-temo red grease.
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    Need info on why X0-1 diffs and process that it takes.

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    They have an I-beam to handle more power. Remove parts that are not in the XO-1 exploded view and replace with the ones that are. Pretty short list.
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