Right now considering this was a complete rebuild and my first Traxxas itís gone pretty well, Iíve had 5 packs through it with minimal issues.

Wonder if the longer running E Revo 2.0 owners can help with these issues

1) well this has turned into a big issue but didnít happen on the first 1-2 packs (if my theory is right it could be down to me getting a grips with the car and not going all out)

Every few mins the car will cut out, loose motion but still have steering. Now Iím running a Castle MMX which I can just about hear bleep a fault code but cannot make it out and further more after a few secs it comes back to life. This is happens on a full pack down to a low pack.

I suspect it might be a LVC issue and the batteries canít cope, I am running a Castle cap pack and stock Traxxas 3S 5000mah.

A friend was there who had a pair of Gen Ace 3S so we fitted them and it ran for a good 5-10 mins so I thought issue located but then it happened again but not again after that until the pack died.

So initial thoughts are I need a higher C rated pack but shock the Gen Aceís has a issue as they tend to be will regarded?!

2) have a squeak on rear when compressing the suspension, itís quite a strong squeak and canít see it being air in the shocks as for me thatís a different type of sound, this is almost plastic rubbing together!

3) maybe a silly one but just something I picked up while looking and comparing the squeak, I have 100k front and rear diffs, with no sign of leaking and no roughness but the front wheels spin a slightly bit more easily then the rear?
Could this be an issue? Thinking maybe they are bedding in?

In my mind I canít think why theyíd be different but itís something Iíve never checked before so maybe normal?

I am running the Revo slightly nose down so maybe the additional angle on the drive shafts are causing some more resistance!

No bad noise or rubbing so donít particularly wonít to strip down as of yet!

Other then that the thing flies ands a dream around my local dirt track.