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    Charger won’t recognize lipo

    My EZ Peak Live charger won’t recognize my 2s 5000 mah lipo after it sat dead for about 2 weeks, how do I fix this?

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    Buy a new lipo.
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    Try charging it using anything but a Traxxas charger. This is NOT putting the Traxxas charger down...but, Traxxas chargers are, essentially, "programmed" to not charge if the voltage is below a certain point (and, no, I don't know exactly what that level is). This does NOT mean the battery is "dead", but may just be an indication that the battery is below the level that the Traxxas chargers can charge it.

    I had the same thing happen with two different Traxxas battery, and one Yuneec battery (for my Typhoon H drone, as Yuneec's chargers do the same thing). In the case of both batteries, I plugged them into my Hitec X2, and both batteries were returned to usability. Truthfully, I don't even use my Traxxas Dual Live, or Yuneec, chargers anymore. My primary charger is an iCharger 308Duo, and the X2 is now my "backup" charger.
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