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    Wax Like Film - TQI box

    I had to send my motor and ESC back to Traxxas for repairs and noticed when taking out the electronics there was a wax like film on the side of the TQI box where the wires run through.

    Does this keep water out? Should I put more on in that area when putting the wires back in the TQI?

    If so where would I find this wax as well, or whatever it is....


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    Yes, that's some type of grease to keep it water proof. I put marine grease there. I also use that in bearings and diffs gears, to keep it lube, waterproof and block water to prevent rust. You can buy it pretty much at anywhere.. Home depot, Canadian tires, any Auto stores.. You have to google about it, it just makes your RC maintain easier.

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    I had the same thing. Matter of fact, when Traxxas sent me my replacement parts back, they included a couple of tubes of grease.

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