Was just outside and took the first run with my rustler 4x4 vxl.
It is geared to 17 pinion and i use 2s on a stock truck.

After 15-20 min the esc feels hot.
I hold my fingers on the black metal on top of it and after counting to 8-10 i feel like i burn my finger tip so hot that you cant hold it anymore.
Any idea how hot that could be when i toutch it for around 8-10 seconds?

After what i know the motor can take more heat, more conserned about the esc.

I forgot my temp gun at home...

This setup should give 40mph, do you think it would run less hot if i use 3s and gear it back to stock to get the same speed 40mph on 3s?


Edit: another question, would the esc cut and turn off before damage is taken from overheating?