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    Rustler build continues...

    Just installed my Traxxas 17mm hubs and these GRP tires. I thought this build was done a while ago, but it's not. It's so much fun working on these cars. I bought the S7 compound, medium/hard. I'm running on asphalt, so hope they work well. Oh, I have a question... I didn't know I needed Traxxas 5480 (wrench) for those hubs. I'm concerned about tightening them up because of the blue loctite on there. Any thoughts? I think to wear the loctite down I will tighten and loosen slowly a bunch of times? It doesn't come off with alcohol and toothbrush. I don't want them fused on when I can't get them off.
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    It’s just blue. They’ll come back off. Rides looking good.

    Somehow builds are never done....

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