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    17mm Hub Wrench Recommendations?

    hello... Can you recommend a 17 mm wheel nut tool? Traxxas makes one, but are there any others out there that'll work for taking wheel nuts off my 17 mm hubs? Thank you, as always. I have the Traxxas 12 mm to 17 mm hub adapters.

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    What is wrong with a 17mm socket on a ratchet wrench?
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    Steel and aluminum, gonna scratch your new wheel nuts. But obviously that will work.

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    Go to the AMain site, and you'll find 5 choices. Go to the Horizon Hobby sure, and you'll find another 4. Personally, I use the Team Losi 17mm wheel nut wrench, as I liked its design, it's magnetic (some others are also magnetic, but, again, of all the magnetic ones, I liked the Team Losi design the best).
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