Ran these two trucks here again. The only changes I had made were taping the bodies up, dropping the spur 2 teeth on the 21TM revo, fixing the rear shock and dropping to 70wt on the rears as well since the last bash. On the ERBEv2 I moved the rear pillow balls to the shorter wheel base holes to see if that helped my lack of flipping. It didn't, at least not at the bmx track. Tried increasing the punch on my MXL-6S from 75% limited to 25% limited to see if that helped. It made it a lot more responsive... then the esc died.

ERBEv2 footage:

I ran through one set of packs and 3 minutes before I hit LVC, I adjusted the punch to be 25% vs 75% to see if that helped my lack of flipping. When I hit LVC, I put a second set of packs in and ran for 3-4 minutes, then it just stopped moving. No servo power, no fan power, just dead.

Nothing visibly wrong, just doesn't work and no LED/beeps or large spark when plugging in the leads. I thought perhaps it was the switch that went bad, but I cut that and twisted the wires together in the field and it didn't have any effect. I even took the esc apart to get it out of the case, which was a pain so I could see if the wires work hardened and cracked at the board, but they don't seem to have. When I plug in the packs with the esc apart, I can feel a spot warm up and after dremeling back some of the epoxy potting to get at the bottom of the battery leads, I'm getting solid voltage there. It and the motor are almost 3 years old. I got the ERBEv1 12/23/2016 brand new and ran it on 4S it's entire life. I have 2 or 3 bash sessions on it in the 2.0 chassis on 6S.

I take that back, I did notice one of the caps was bulged up. I guess if the caps are shot, that would explain the lack of spark when plugging it in as the caps are what cause that I think. Still, even with those caps blown, I would expect it to power up. When I tore it apart after I got home, I tried plugging into my castle link on my PC which supplies power. Then the LED lit up and it did something strange by automatically sending the firmware to it immediately without me manually updating the firmware.

Oh well. I have a spare MXL-6S that looks like new, was an ebay purchase. I also have my old HPI F360C which is a Mamba Monster V1. I had taken that apart last winter and conformal coated the board. Since it had the TRX plugs on it that I used, I figured I'd give it a try first, then if it dies, use the other MXL-6S, or not even bother and just get a hobbywing max6, then keep the mxl-6s for my stampede when I inevitably upgrade it at some point if/when the max10 sct doesn't work out.

I may build a cap pack for the ERBEv2 to try and lessen the load on the esc. Instead of dropping the punch control down to 25%, I set it at 50% in the F360C and will see how that does next.

Was still a fun day. Got about an hours worth of run time on my 21TM revo and burned through a full 500cc bottle with no issues/broken parts.