Iím looking to replace the motor in my race rig. Iíve got a really rev-happy R1 Wurks 13.5T in it now, but itís getting a bit soft coming out of the corners. (Hey. It happens to all of us eventually. Amirite? &#128514 Iím running a Hobbywing Justock XR10 ESC and the motor limit for the class is 10.5T. The ESC can do 8.5T on 2S.

What Iím wondering is if anyone can suggest a fairly torquey and reasonably priced replacement can for this beast, or if Iíd be relatively safe running a Castle 2850KV motor. 2850KV should be around 15T, but itís a 4 pole, so weíre doubling up on duty cycles.

Any thoughts? Iíll be scouring the RC stripper sites for stuff in the meantime.