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    Question What To Upgrade Next

    Hey forums I have a Sl4sh and I'm looking for some suggestions on what to upgrade next

    My rig has rpm arms, aluminum casters and steering blocks, lcg chassis, motor and esc fans, new shock oil, sway bars, And a set of duratrax bandito's

    Logically what upgrade should I go with next? I mainly drive on road and I'm not a big basher

    I'm open to any suggestions as I'd really like to expand my understanding of the hobby and my truck


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    If your going for speed you could get a jconcepts scalpel body it is very aero dynamic

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    I found out after running on gravel mainly and then trying pavement that my plastic wheel nuts stripped punching it to do wheelies. I got the Tekno aluminum nuts. I started with the tekno drive shafts and robinson racing steel spur/pinion when I got mine. I found out if it's a brushed truck that you buy the gears in the differential are smaller and the pinion gear is 11 tooth. I think 13 is normal.

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    wait till you need to upgrade. Upgrading just cause could cause you even more problems.

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    I recommend that you install a King Headz motor mount. Eventually you might want to get a set of metal CV axles.
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