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    What should I upgrade on my 2WD Slash?

    So I was just given a Slash 2WD and I believe it is an older one based on the remote (seems like a 2.5 T-Max type remote) and I am wondering what type of upgrades should I get for it?

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    Because it is older model, first thing I would check are bearings.
    List of available upgrades is huge but imho first thing I would suggest is upgrade your caster blocks to aluminum and if you like big jumps get some aluminum shock caps.

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    2.4 ghz radio system a newer stock setup or FlySky unless you can afford better. As alexsasax said bearing would be high on my list also but I would go straight for Stainless Steel. Because I like alittle water but hate complete teardowns after. Metal caster blocks is a must unless you are a perfect driver that never hits anything :P. If you are going for big air from jumps do your best to land well if you have the stock plastic shocks since they bend somewhat easy. A new shock rebuild kit will include the newer hardened shafts if you have trouble.

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