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    Xmaxx 6S - Is it worth buying these days?

    It started with a Tyco Turbo Hopper Iíve had for many years... Then I bought a Slash VXL a month ago.... now Iím hooked on RC cars!

    Iíve been browsing my local Facebook marketplace listings, and came across a 6S Xmaxx that someone is selling for $580. Seems to be very clean, and well kept. My question is after reading lots of reviews about the ESC and diffs on the 6S being trouble spots, and seeing as the Power Up Kit (when Iíve been able to find it) seems extremely expensive to where I might as well buy a new 8S, is do you think itís even worth buying a 6S at this point? If upgrading it to be reliable will run me hundreds, it sounds like I should just get an 8S.

    Whatís your thoughts?

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    For that price it would not be worth it because by the time you buy a new set of tires because the stock ones are not very strong and will rip and you upgrade the ESC to a max 6 youíre basically at a fairly nice used 8S one

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    Ya I can find used 8s trucks for $500 on CL near Boston where I am.
    Try explaining this to the seller and make him an offer of 300.
    He may be insulted though.

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    As an owner of a 6s, your better off buying a new/used 8s. you'll put more time and effort (not to mention money) into getting the 6s up to par on drive-train durability. its not worth it to spend the 580 on the truck and the 200-300 dollars for the drive-train upgrades and whatever else needs to be upgraded/fixed.
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