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    Traxxas 3s 4000mah in vxl 4x4? Traxxas listed optional gearing as 5000mah


    I just helped a friend order 3s 4000mah battery for his rustler 4x4 vxl.
    Wanted to order 5000mah but the store didnt had the optional battery holder.

    I see that traxxas list this 4000mah under 11/54 stock gearing that it would give 40mph.
    On the skill level 5 60mph they list it as 5000+ mah.

    Question is if this 4000mah would struggle to deliver when using the optional gearing?

    If he decide to stick to stock gearing and use this 4000mah battery.
    Would the esc or motor run colder on a bigger battery?
    How mutch less runtime on 4000mah vs 5000mah?

    Many question here, Thanks for all advices.

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    Think of the Mah as a fuel tank...the larger the tank the farther/longer you can drive. The Voltage is like horsepower, bigger numbers get you going faster.

    So, you are asking the wrong question...or more like providing the wrong details. The voltage is what is going to concern your gearing and heat.

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    Yes like a fuel tank but also how mutch amp it can deliver, i Wonder if this battery is too small to be used on a 4x4 vxl to reach 60mph, since traxxas list it as 5000mah plus on the 60mph setup? Thats on the different skill setup.
    If i go on the model and check the different batteries they have putted a 60mph sign on the 4000mah too. But why have they listed 5000mah+ on skill level 5, could it be too weak or is it about runtime?

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    Marketing, bigger more expensive battery equals more speed/skill level! In reality, no ot doesn't. Yes Milli amp hours (mah) has some effect on the amperage a battery can deliver but it pails in comparison to cell count (2s,3s ect) and c rating (25c,30c,90c(yeah, right)ect). The diffrence between a 3s, 4000mah battery and a 3s, 5000mah battery is negligible at best! Do some research on lipo batteries and power delivery related to discharge rating (c rating), you might be surprised what you find.

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    No need for multiple threads on the same topic.

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