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    Please help with my FORD GT speed run

    Hi guys!

    During my speed runs ( I run default body ford GT), my car was flipped 2 times because of airflow.

    After breaching 80+ it flipped 2 times in a row. I damaged a bit body, but the rest is just fine.

    Please advise me how to avoid such flips once again. As I said I am running Ford GT body mostly on road only, and sometimes on the granular road with small rock pieces.

    I will leave my full specs here:

    Stock Ford GT (Black)

    Engine and ESC:
    Castle Creations Mamba X 1/10 Sensored 25.2V Waterproof ESC & 1406-6900KV Motor

    Contact RC 1/10 Foam Front / Back Tires JAP Black Carbon Wheels (4) FRONT 26 MM 35 SHORE BACK 30 MM 35 SHORE

    Pin & Spur:

    Additional equipment bought from Traxxas to improve stability of runs:

    Traxxas Steel CV Driveshaft Inner Drive Cups & Screw Pins TRA8353X
    Traxxas Steel Constant-Velocity Rear Driveshafts TRA8351X
    Traxxas Steel Constant-Velocity Front Driveshafts TRA8350X

    Battery for speed runs:
    GENS ACE BASHING 6500 3S. Looking forward to get 4s... But once flip problem will be fixed

    Please note, I won't change my stock body since it's very beautiful. Do you have any other solutions to apply except body changing? Maybe adding weight to the front...

    Thank you, guys!

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    I would get 45 mm rear foam tires
    Put the 30 mm in the front
    And change your gearing to 43/48
    This is the set up that I was going to run before I sold it with a different motor and ESC

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    I made a custom front splitter from 1mm lexan and a larger rear diffuser to fill in the chassis gaps like on the X-01. I can say it really works, My body was ready to blow over at 45mph, I'm waiting on my pinion gear sets to come for 70+ speedruns.

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    Put some weight up front.

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    Harder rear springs (or add the spacers) and make sure it has some rake (rear sits higher than the front)
    under acceleration the rear is squatting and the front lifts. Air goes under the front = blow over/flip

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