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    3s 4000mah? How long runtime do you get and is it enough power for optional gearing?


    I want to help a friend to get 60mph setup.
    They ordered traxxas 4000mah. Not 5000mah since the hobby store didnt had the optional battery mount.

    He is used to 5000mah 2s. How mutch less runtime would he get?

    Another question is about power.
    Traxxas list the 40mph setup as 3s 4000mah stock gearing.
    But when it comes to skill level 5 they list it with optional gearing and 5000mah+ battery.
    Is that because a 4000mah battery would gain heat or not deliver enough?
    Or just recomended because of runtime?

    If i choose the truck on traxxas page they also list that the 4000mah fit and its marked with 60mph.
    So why do it first listed as skill level 3/40mph and one need 5000mah to reach 60, but on the battery list they are also listed as 60mph.

    Would appriciate to clear this up so i know if he should return it or start to use it.

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    In my opinion I DO NOT believe the traxxas speed ratings

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    I found out that the battery deliver constant 100A and burst 200A.
    Motor is listed to draw Current Ratings: 65A constant; 100A peak/burst

    So technicaly the battery is plenty strong enough.
    But do the amp draw from the motor stays the same with the different gears and tires?

    The esc is listed to Continuous current: 200A
    Peak current: 320A
    But this only means what is can deliver to the motor, and nothing about how strong battery it require?
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    Speaking generally, a smaller capacity battery will have a larger voltage drop when drawing current than a larger capacity battery. A lower voltage will make the motor spin slower and hence a lower top speed.

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