Hello, new to the group. Having a problem with my little boys Spartan that I'm hoping some of you can help with. Boat is running (2x) 3S 11.1 volt 25c 5000MAH batteries. All of a sudden the boat does not want to go full throttle. I can feather the controller and sometimes get it to catch and run like it should, but even then my controller is not even pressed half way but the boat is hauling. Most of the time its about half speed with the trigger pressed all the way. I have just changed the ESC out as the middle yellow wire port was charded on the old one so I figured that was the issue, but no change. Charger also verifies that these batteries are charged. I have had one bad battery before and didn't know it and that what it is running like, but I know the batteries are good, and it will run full speed sometimes if I feather the controller like I said.
Any help is appreciated, haven't been pleased at all with this product thus far, I've worked on it more than he has used it.