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    Steering servo upgrade?

    I'm sure most of you have seen my last post.. that being said, should I upgrade my servo? I have the big beefy 2.8 trenchers and I'm just wondering if the stock servo is struggling. It seems capable when bashing but when I get into deeper grass or even some rugged terrain I'm not getting much out of it. If I do upgrade what do you guys run/recommend?

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    I run a single one of these in my ERBEv2 and it does ok:

    For $20, it's tough to beat.

    I have a hitec 5985MG in my stampede at the moment as it was what I had on hand when I stripped the teeth the 2075 I had in it. It's total overkill, but it's quick.

    I picked up a couple of those 5821lv's to have on hand for future needs as it really is a capable little servo.

    I made a little comparison video of it vs the 2075, savox 0231, an arrma servo and another POS servo:

    Another of it in my revo vs the 985MG:
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