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    4x4 brushed stampede

    Iím new here so please bear with me. I stripped the crap out of my stock spur gear no problem get a metal one put it in and now I have the motor adjusted all the way down and the pinion now doesnít mesh with the spur gear. Do I now need to get a bigger pinion gear ?thanks in advance

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    If your metal spur is a different pitch or tooth count you will need a different pinion. There is a list of compatable pinion/spur combinations in the Traxxas manual I believe.

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    On a brushed pede you should not need a metal spur. If the plastic one stripped out there is some other issue. Maybe a bad initial mesh or something bad in the driveline. I use plastic spurs on all my trucks, including the brushless ones on 6s and do not strip them out.

    Plastic spurs are cheap, might want to grab a couple and do some testing to see that the issue is.

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    Buying a metal spur to fit a stripped plastic spur is like putting a penny behind a blown fuse and screwing it back in. You can't just go straight to the nuclear option without ever diagnosing the problem and fitting it first.

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