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    Gearing Revo conversion

    A neighbor just gave me a Electric converted revo 3.3 but without a Engine.
    And now i have a few questions about what gearing to get for it(pinjong)
    and what Engine and battery to use.
    It has a 38 tooth spur gear.
    It is locked in 2nd gear and using the Electric motor for fwd/reverse.
    i have a hobbywing 120A esc
    and have 2 motor options to install:
    A hobbywing 4274 1800kv Engine
    A hobbywing Ezrun 4068 4000kv.

    im not after a super fast car since i mostly drive in the forest with the kids and their stampedes(mostly gonna run it as a regular monster truck i guess) and want to be abit conservative on Power since it is still original diff´s etc

    Will it be ultra slow with a 1800kv on 3S for example or can i run a 4s without thrashing the diffs?

    Regards Martin

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    1800kv. For pinion, search around the E-Revo subforums to see what others have been running.

    You may want to consider installing the E-Revo diff cups and internals as the nitro ones will strip out.
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    Hi, i dont have solution for your question, but can you share few pictures of revo with convertion parts thanks

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