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    Erevo or not to erevo that is the question.

    Ok so I have a rustler and stampede and itís time to step up to a 1:8 scale. I canít decide on the erevo or krayton. I know people will probably be biased towards the erevo but please be honest. I will be driving on blacktop , grass, dirt as a basket. And want the ability to race also. Thanks in advance

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    I have the E-Revo but not the Kraton.

    If it were me I'd stick with one brand as much as possible.

    The only thing I know of the Kraton is from watching Kevin Talbot videos. He says that the Kraton is quite a Basher AFTER you upgrade everything.

    From experience, the E-Revo is quite the basher straight out of the box...AFTER you replace the steering servo.

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    I LOVE my E Revo 2.0! The thing is a beast. My only issues have been Traxxas electronics. On mine I am on my 3rd ESC and I had a bad set out the box, another bad set sent as a replacement and then I just sent the whole truck in. Since its been back several months now...not a single issue. I also like everyone else had servos fail early...replaced with an after market and no issues and thing is awesome. My brother also picked one up, he is on his second ESC, motor and receiver. His truck is on its way back from Traxxas service now as we speak. While the electronics have issues....the trucks are rock solid and the customer service and warranty work has been top notch. I can't speak to the other brand.

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    With a few key upgrades, the kraton can handle big air really well.

    I have the 2018 outcast and converted my v1 ERBE to a v2 recently.

    I have had nitro revo's for a decade and ran the ERBEv1 for over 2 years, so I know their weaknesses for the most part. For me, the ERBEv2 needed alloy rockers, VDK shock pistons, RC Raven springs, lighter wheels/tires, alternate servo for steering, front/rear TB skids/bumpers/wheelie bar.

    The outcast needed alloy chassis braces, better steering servo, tower to tower brace, RPM front skid/bumper, TB rear skid/wheelie bar, tekno shock ends/balls. Also had to shim the diffs properly and change the oil to something heavier, but that was personal preference.

    I'm still careful how high I launch the revo as the shock shafts/pistons will snap if I go too high. As it is, I have to change out the shock pivot posts a couple times a season as they get all bent. Wish Lunsford still made titanium ones, I'd put them on all 3 of my revos.

    I have no fear launching my outcast. Full throttle sends all day unless I do something stupid. But in that case, any truck will break eventually.
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    I don't have a Kraton, I've had the 2.0 since it came out. It really depends on what you want to spend and what you will tolerate breaking. The thing with the revo being a plastic modular chassis it absorbs impact really well. It is generally pretty easy to replace the things that break and the parts are readily available. You won't bend a chassis, or shock towers, won't have to worry about diffs, the stock body is very durable. On the contrary, all it takes is a little too much air or an awkward landing and something can give. Speaking from personal experience it is a durable truck but does have its limits. I don't want to go to far into it since this is a Traxxas forum and I like to respect the rules, but the other brand I run is Tekno. I have an MT410 that is extremely durable. However, it isn't a fair comparison because I could buy 3 Erevos for what I have into it. With that being said that truck is only limited by space and your driving ability. If you wanna jump it 100 feet you can. It really does come down to how much you wanna spend and what your trying to achieve. Value wise, the cost of the Erevo and what you need to add to make it pretty darn durable, you'll still be under 700$, so not bad at all.

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    My E-Revo 2.0 is fun, but you would be a lot better off buying a used X-Maxx 8S. Never ending fun with that truck.
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    The erevo is awesome had mine for over a year and currently, it's undergoing a build/upgrade but the only things I have had to replace is wheels, (because of water blowing the tires up) one a-arm, and a wing mount thats about it. It's a great truck but the Xmaxx can take ten times the beating.
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    I think the big thing is there is a lot of aftermarket support for all Traxxas vehicles so keeping them for the long run is more worthwhile.

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    Iíve had my 2.0 for almost a year now and when we do run it we run the crap out of it. Most expensive thing Iíve had break so far is a tire. A few little things here and there, rocker arm post bent, battery door hinge broke. Other than the big stuff (motor, esc) parts are cheap and easy to get.

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