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    Advice on gearing and battery

    A neighbor just gave me a Electric converted revo 3.3 but without a Engine.
    And now i have a few questions about what gearing to get for it(pinjong)
    and what Engine and battery to use.
    It has a 38 tooth spur gear.
    It is locked in 2nd gear and using the Electric motor for fwd/reverse.
    i have a hobbywing 120A esc
    and have 2 motor options to install:
    A hobbywing 4274 1800kv Engine
    A hobbywing Ezrun 4068 4000kv.

    im not after a super fast car since i mostly drive in the forest with the kids and their stampedes(mostly gonna run it as a regular monster truck i guess) and want to be abit conservative on Power since it is still original diff´s etc

    Will it be ultra slow with a 1800kv on 3S for example or can i run a 4s without thrashing the diffs?

    Regards Martin

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    What model esc do you have? Said it's 120a but other people may want to know more.

    The hobbywing 4274 1800kv Engine will give you more tourque which will be wanted for bashing.

    Not sure on the gearing off top of my head. Look up the regular gearing for spur and pinion for the v1.0 eRevo if just bashing will want to keep it more on slower side as will give it more tourque and more responsive to throttle input.

    Not sure on the converted revos if you have 2 batteries or a single. It will depend on what your ESC is rated for.

    Smc batteries are good but you will have check what size will work. For the eRevo 2.0. It's the 3s 4500mha hard pack. That fits.

    I'm sure some of they guys that have the converted revos will chime in.

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