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    Thoughts on prepping tires for street racing.

    Been trying to figure out the best / proper way to, or if I should prep my GRPs before street racing. Been watching lots of YouTube videos and have seen everything from prepping with wd40 to buying specific tire prep for RCs. Just looking to tack up my tires for best traction / bite for street drag racing.

    What is everyone's thoughts and experiences with this. Dont wanna personally ruin a set of $75 tires experimenting.

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    Maybe just go the good old heat route!

    Bit of trial and error with a heat gun and find the sweet spot temp wise, with GRP’s you’ll want to try a few compounds out as some are tacky out of the box.

    Once you found the ideal working temp, heat them up to said temp and check cool rate this will then give you an idea before the race where they need to be.

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    I use WD-40. Does not last very long, but it will give you a noticeable difference for a at least a couple of runs.

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