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    New Traxxas Body Savers TRA8610

    Wanted to share. I picked up the new TRA8610 Body Savers for the ERevo 2.0. They are pretty legit! They come with 5 total savers. 2 for the front of the truck, 3 for the rear (2 for the front most screws in the rear and 1 in the back for both screws.) They come with longer flathead body screws and instructions. They are a nice ridged Traxxas plastic and come molded to sit inside the body holes, so it is a clean flush mount and holds the body well. I personally prefer these ones over the other brand out now as they are much flusher and cleaner looking. Keeps the body looking sleek for my street racing style. Here are some pics of what you get and how they look installed. P.S. I used a paint marker on the rear to highlight TRAXXAS. They come all black. Enjoy!

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    That looks really slick. Thanks for sharing! I like how you highlighted the word Traxxas. Looks nice!!

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    That is actually not bad at all for the price. Traxxas must be reading the forums and seeing how we all have been making our own or buying them somewhere. I wonder if they will make these for their other vehicles from now on.
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    The erevo ones aren't available yet at my hobby shop but I did get the xmaxx ones, the front screws pull through the body easily so these will be a great upgrade!!

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